# 2 got a haircut this morning

This is her before.

This is her after.

I am having a blast with this, can’t wait til the finished product.


IMO way too young to be pruning on.

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Looks like he topped at 3 or 4th node. Why do you think thats too young? I mean i would let it get bigger just to be able to clone the top. But if not cloning whats wrong with it?

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Fan leaves were removed all the way around the plant: what is the plant going to use to grow? There’s a reason a plant puts out leaves you know…


What are you mainlining @Dino1?

He topped it mainlining is different

Seen he was trying a mainline in another thread @GhostGrow


Looking good brother, I can’t wait to see how good she comes out… I also cannot wait till my gold leaf fem comes n I can GI round 3 n try mainline with a photo

BTW you have an auto or photo there???

Acapulco Gold, I am trying to re live the 70’s. I know it won’t be the same.
That stuff was amazing…

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I’m trying a Durban poison mainline

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This is the first step to mainlining, I am mainlining 3 of them…

Good luck Woodrow, I guess I can call you neighbor, it’s a small world.

That’s correct.

You done this trying before? First time for me, I’ll send a pic later. Also, what u think of the new earth line nutes? I got some of the smart tea awhile back.

I’m doing it Nugbuckets style…

I topped it just under the 4th node with 6 in place? I don’t want to waste veg time.
I’m new at this and I hope that’s not a mistake.

I try to avoid removing any leaves, other than topping/FIM’ing and I supercrop and tuck as long as possible. Sometimes you have no choice but to remove some fans but it should be done with a lot of forethought. Leaves produce the sugars needed to grow and grow flower. You are setting the plant up to perform later when light duration is shorter and nutrient/growth requirements change. It’s really in many ways a different plant in flower than in veg.

Don’t get me wrong: I can be pretty severe with the plants.


I’m veg’ing this with my autos . I followed mattybears grow on his Durban but thought I’d mainline to keep height down.
Here is a pic of my DP


Sweet bunch of weed, how many ounces will you average off each plant?