1st timer👍 feedbacks are welcome

Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor

Strains: 4 unknown strains in 3 gallon fabric pots and 1 baby zkittles in a cup( which popped out of soil today)

Grow tent: 3x3 mars.

Medium: mother earth coco and perlite mix, dr. Earth fertilizer 4-6-3

pH: tap water which I ph down to 6.5 - 6.0. I don’t use a meter. I go by the die color and color chart that was giving with the ph fluids.

Nutrients: cal-mag, ff trios

Temperature: 75-80f
Humidity: 56- 80 and I have the humidifier on low. It ranges 80- 85 if I close one vent on the grow tent so both vents are open in the tent.

Lights: 600w and 1000w mars. I ordered another 1000w mars to replace the 600w which will be here Friday.


My first grow and learning as I go. This new hobby gets expensive :joy::joy::joy:!


Lookin like you are heading in the right direction, they look happy

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Thank you buddy. I don’t know if these are autos or regs. I will find out soon though. Lol the zkittles seed came from when my son had purchased an ounce from dispensary. One seed in the baggy.

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If they’re bag seeds from a reputable grower they’re probably going to be fem but highly doubt autos

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Unknown seeds are from my son too lol. He said it might be gelato and some other hybrid tangerine. Unknown seeds are old.
They will be a good batch of edibles though… hopefully.

They look good man! If that is a misting type humidifier you may notice a white “dust” on things and you definitely do not want it blowing into any electrical device, it will probably create an issue eventually. They are more expensive but a wicking type is much better!

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with bag seeds I’ve grown hundreds of them not to long ago weed was the devil’s flower and you couldn’t just buy them everywhere like you can now.

Thank you. I will definitely will look into it.

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Looks good! Invest in a PH pen when you can. You can get by with the liquid/chart method now. But the flower nutrients are a darker color, and you wont be able to use the liquid/chart.

I have a ph pen. The reason why I don’t use it because it threw me off. The die was telling me one thing and ph pen had said a whole different number. I had recalibrate it a few times and just got fed up with the pen.