1st time Aero grow

I’m a first time grower. I have my setup in place and was going with the Cheese Autoflower on my first grow. I will be using the tank from an Aerogarden Bounty to supply the plant with water and nutrients. I have a 24 x 48 x 60 grow tent with a 600 Watt LED that according to the description pulls 260 Watts from the wall. With 2 supplemental lights I will be putting on each side of the grow. I was going to use 2 blue 36 watt LEDs during the Veg stage then when it flowers swap the bulbs to two 50 watt full spectrum. Also my 600 watt LED has 2 switches on it where I can just give blue and white light or with both switches on go full spectrum. So I was thinking of just using the blue during vegetation. Should I do this or go full spectrum the whole time? I was planning on going with the LST method also. Do I need to continue the process for the whole Veg stage or can I bend about 4 branches and just let it grow from there. Also when I place the seed should I add the nutrients then or wait till after it germinates. I’m trying to maximize my grow as much as possible and with a a little luck possibly more. I know the seed discription says that Cheese can yield 5oz indoors. All replies and added info are much appreciated !

It sounds like you need to do a lot more reading. Most all of your question are answered in articles in the guide section of this forum. Look them up and read read read!!!


Never feed your seedlings. Wait till they have 5 to 6 true sets of leaves ok

Read read read you should be able to run your grow from Google not here to much reliance on others will cause alot of confusion take notes do research on other sites from the notes then make educated decsions… don’t be impulsive try and answer your own questions with research In stead of just asking on here