1st indoor Grow in DIY 1.5 x 1.5ft Box (Micro Grow)

Hey guys!

so thanks to the help of some guys in my previous post a few months ago( @Mikos @Sirsmokes @Myfriendis410 & @SilentHippie ), my box is finally done and i got some seeds going! Yay to me!

Some Pics incoming!!

Very inconspicuous hey :wink:

So some deets about my lighting, box and ventilation. Please critique if you feel what i have in there is not sufficient (@dbrn32 - you seem to be the man about lighting, your advice would be great)

Box size - 60cm x 60cm x 100cm

Materials - 6mm Superwood shell, 35x35mm branders as structure and old faithful aluminum foil reflector.

Lighting - 65W 6000k HPF Osram Bulb (I’m probably wasting a lot of light hanging it that way in the picture?)
2 el cheapo 10W LED flood lights
And and LED strip at the back that i picked up off a site.
I just added the LED’s in to get as much light in as possible and i’m not too sure if im even benefiting from having them in there?
Off the Photometer app i register average 19089 Lux at where the plants are situated maxing at 56800 Lux (not sure how accurate this app is)

Ventilation is 2 small pc fans as an intake at the bottom of the box and one bigger PC fan at the top as an extractor. I think by the time the plants have bushed out a bit i will be adding a desk fan in to just circulate the air within a bit more. Based on the specs of the box and fans (If i remember correctly) the air within cycles completely more than every minute, or very close to that.

So my seeds are 8 days old, i potted them on the 13th June. (Check attached journal and pics) Dont judge, i named them after HP characters :joy:
Ron turned out to be a little easter egg.

More pics to come on the string.

How do you guys thing theyre looking?



Looks solid, nice work! Light should fly, you would definitely do better with the cfl horizontal. That is the color temp of the other lights? You’ll want some warm whites for flowering.

The only other suggestion I have is that you’ll probably need to light trap those fans if you want to grow photo period plants.


Thanks for the quick reply bro.

Yep, the colour of the LED’s are the same. Do you reckon i will have enough light throughout the veg phase? only going to pick about 3 plants to grow with ScRog Ron, the 3-leafer, will be one!

There’s probably enough light to run a reasonable grow, but I would look at doing something with some 3000k.

Did you see the bridgelux strip light I built on 12”x12” aluminum plate? Something like that would probably work real good in your space all by itself. You could probably even go a little smaller.

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The strain i believe is a Cheese.
They’re Currently on 24hr light schedule
The CFL is about 2-4 inches away from the plants, i’m concerned they’ll start burning though.

nooo, i didnt have a look at that. Lemme go see.

I forgot to mention that i’m based in South Africa otherwise i’d have got Viparspectra LED but they sadly dont deliver to SA.

Lemme look at your build.

Thanks man!

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As @dbrn32 pointend out that bulb horizontal with some type of reflector over it will help alot!!! But your off to a good start.


Don’t worry, the vipars are decent but far from the best you can do.

Thanks for the advice @dbrn32 & @Sirsmokes, Its always welcomed!

So, i’m not sure if i can ask more questions on this thread but here goes anyway :rofl:

I was originally going to Scrog due to the limited size of the box, but further research seems to suggest otherwise (60cm x 60cm x 1m) and maybe you guys would be able to offer some invaluable advice to ScRog or LST or Supercropping in this space and which may work best with my limited height and width. I really don’t expect much yield but dont wanna run out of height on flowering. Would pot size limit the grow height or is this going to do more harm than good?

@Baapie i read your post on a micro grow. You might have some advice for me? :pray:


If you’re a relatively new grower trying to maximize harvest in a small space, scrog is probably the way to go.

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Hi guys. Grow is going well and i just repotted the buggers.

I definitely have to increase the lighting.

Some advice from you pros would be amazing. The leaves are curling a bit and there’s some yellowish spots. I suspect it’s either pH or soil quality, my watering schedule has been every 3 days once soil is dry to the first digit finger so doubt that.

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