1st grow! Thought and suggestions

@Nicky what do you say the best light on Amazon is to get that would cover the whole 5x5 plants I’m trying to run at least 15 plants in there instead of seven

Regardless of plants you need to focus on your space because plants can be big or small depending on your growing method really.

Don’t buy a grow light on Amazon, your wasting your money.
Buy a light on Alibaba and save yourself hundreds of dollars and tons of hassle.
Go google kingbrite. Then select your space and they will show you lights. I would get the bars not the boards.

The 5x5 kits are about 500$ (there are ones like 25$ cheaper due to not running cree’s but cree’s are better)


So if I upgrade the lights and add more soil do you think my girls will recover?

I gave you advice above.
Roll your pots down, add medium if you can but dont transplant, just fly with it.
Grab some lights and a inkbird temperature controller you’ll be rocking


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You can’t post links like that only amazon to stuff. Can you please remove that.

Also no, it’s a random company I’ve never heard of I can only vouch for kingbrite.
Many have good luck with mejiu as well but don’t use a random company.

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I edited accordingly.

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Thnx man, you picked up my flag?

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Yep, it showed up.

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Random question, following anything overly intriguing on the forums lately?

I find a lot of things throughout the day. Something in particular you looking for?

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Nope lol


Marshydro 2000 watt @Nicky

I’m using one of those… Pulls about 320 actual watts. Works for me :grin:

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@neofirebird what size tent are you running and how many plants do you have?


took your advice rolled my fabric down put 8 inch fans in all I need is a better light and they should be healthy

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In a 4x4 I grow two at a time have trouble working with more they explode in hydro.


Are those auto flowers?

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Yes they are autos White Widow and Zkittlez

I was thinking of getting the skittles next grow

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