1st grow by Sydious! 😊

There are a lot of ways to accomplish that.

Put your gloves in the freezer, inside out until the stuff gets hard, and you can mostly pick it off, it may take multiple freezer cycles, because the gloves warm quickly.

Trimmings (except large fans and stems can be used a lot of ways, and depends a lot on whether you dry or wet trim. If you are dry-trimming you can get a nice haul of kief by using a two-layer trim bin.

You’ll get a lot less kief if you are wet-trimming, simply because of the moisture. But wet trimmed sugar leaves and small trimmings make great edibles, so you can save this by either drying now or freezing and drying later.

And most importantly, and many times over-looked, I recommend saving your fan and stem trimmings in the freezer to be used only in the case of an over-dry emergency. A stem or 2 and a leaf or two can rehydrate your over-dried buds.

Once you have your trimmed all saved, you have a lot of time to decide what to make with it. Check out @Caligurl’s concentrate blog here: