1st ever Vape Pen, wasnt expecting this

Hey growmies. So a co-worker of mine used to work in the industry and we were talking about what he did and stuff. He used to make vape carts and apparently won a award somewhere for it. I told him I’ve never smoked a vape before. They werent around when I first started smoking. So today he gifts me this

So I tell him Ill text him if i get confused, so of course I end up having to text him. Any way, after some instructions, I took 2 smallish hits and am absolutely ripped. I may have just been converted.


Yes I have never and then when I did buy the disposable shoot I had probably 20 at one time didnt like the flavor I would gang them together but Ripped yes a whole different thing.


Vapes are super convenient but not always the most consistent. You will likely find some you love and others you don’t really care for.


Facts :facepunch: not all flavors are the same with different companies. Not only flavor but some get clogged up after hitting it only three or four times :person_facepalming:


I gave up flower for carts about a year ago and have never looked back. I’ve found that cured resin carts are best for me. I picked up a couple of live resin carts last Spring and don’t like them at all.