1st attempt, grow tent, super skunk clone

I have a small grow tent, 24"X24"X48" high, 300w LED which is probably closer to 100 true watts (http://www.aliexpress.com/item/DIAMOND-300W-LED-Grow-light-Best-full-Spectrum-IR-UV-RED-BLUE-ORANGE-WHITE-For-Flower/32493971216.html) . I have 2 4" inlets at the bottom, a 6" inline fan sucking out the ceiling of tent and blowing through a 4" carbon filter. This creates a nice vacuum in the tent. I got a clone from a friend, it is meant to be super skunk, it is 3 1/2 weeks old now, I have been feeding it Seasol Powerfeed NPK 12 1.4 7. For my first real attempt at growing a good plant I think it’s going pretty well. I have ordered a new tent from Norway, the Secret Jardin Lodge L90, it is same size as what I currently have but has a separate compartment which I plan to use for germination and clones on the shelf, vegetation below the shelf. I want to pull 2 plants a month, so at 1 time there will be 4 plants, 4 weeks apart in the main part flowering, and 2 in the vegetation part. Would I be better to just have 2 in the main part, or would 4 be ok? I have ordered a 150w LED light for the vegetation (UFO 150leds Led Grow Light 150W Full Spectrum Plant Grow Growth Led Lighting AC85 265V Foe Greenhouse Hydroponic Systems lampada|LED Grow Lights| - AliExpress) which should be a true 150w as it has 150 3w LED’s. And I have ordered a 80w LED (Full Spectrum Led Grow Light 30W50W80W E27 Led Grow Lamp Bulb Red+Blue+White+IR+UV For Hydroponics System Flower Plant Grow Box|LED Grow Lights| - AliExpress) for germinating. I know these lights are cheap but if necessary I will upgrade in the future. I’m already thinking of a 800w LED for the 4 plants. For flowering I will be using Guano Super Bloom, NPK 1-9-1. I’m in New Zealand and realise most of you will most likely not have heard of these! I’m also thinking of using my current tent for drying the buds after the new tent arrives, and tee it into my fan system through the carbon filter. Any thoughts, hints, tips or suggestions be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling:

Here is secret jardin lodge, I will have shelf higher though, and is easily removable if it gets in the way of the vetting plants coming up! I ordered this from Norway, it was bout 40% cheaper than anywhere else in the world there!

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An 800w led will use about 400 true watts, and as for 2-4 plants, fit how ever many for comfortably, as you don’t want to cram them in there

I can fit 4 in, the branches will be against tent though, the 1 in there now the lower branches are touching the tent. Would I be better to stick with 1 strain at a time and just have 2 in there? AK47 seeds arrived and I’m itching for the secret jardin to arrive so I can get it started!

Germinating AK seed starts today

Grow setup is now completely different, went with secret jardin L160 tent, 4X4 foot grow space and 7 foot high. With Philips Agro 315w Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide lamp system.

100mm mountain air carbon filter, 125mm mixed flow fan into 6" insulated flex duct. The mixed flow fan flows the same as the 6" fan I had but at twice the pressure, and it cost less than half the price!

Propogation space is 1X4 feet, and 3 feet high. Veg space is 1X4 feet and 4 feet high

Using 20L planter bag. (about 5 gallon) currently feeding bout 1L every 2nd day and some days in between. It gets dry on the top, normal in middle and wet at the bottom quick so I’m going to try giving it more water, but 3days apart and hopefully allow the bottom part of bag to dry out. I am also thinking of trying the scrog technique, would this be beneficial or is that more for tents or rooms with lower ceiling height?

AK sprouted this morning, seed had 30 hrs in water at which point the root had split the seed. Then into jiffy under blue aquarium light 24/0 for bout 80 hrs until it sprouted
<img src=“//cdck-file-uploads-global.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/growingmarijuana/original/2X/0/016b574546715ac9ac79735d3794a30987b85555.jpg” width=“375” height=“500”

Now white LEDs are on too and 18/6

How do you think the super skunk clone is looking on day 17 of flower?


Hello how many delivers this per kilo

@themilito I don’t understand what you’re asking

I mean what brings it up when you sell a kilo from your stuff

How much do you get when you sell one kilo super skunk

As far as I know, most people here are growing for their own medical use. I don’t think anyone said anything about selling anything,


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ok thank you

Thank you @MacGyverStoner for answering that!

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Does this look ready to harvest? It’s only been 6 weeks in flower but pistils are lookin pretty dark.

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Hard to tell for sure, but I would suspect they still have another week or two left in them. Highly recommend getting a jewlers loupe or pocket microscope to check your trichomes. Aim for a 60x magnification at least. You can find them on amazon for $10-20. I begin my Goldleaf flush week 7 and harvest week 9-10 depending on cloudy to amber trich ratio, but it is a 63-67 flowering day strain.

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Follow what @JTheH said and you’ll be fine

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Harvested top of plant, and lowered light to try get more from lower buds. I ordered digital microscope 2 or 3 woks ago but still waiting for it!

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Ok, I’ve been a bit slack regularly updating this! Got about 4oz from super skunk, ceurrently have the 2 super skunk clones and the AK47 seed on day 4 of flower

Clones of AK47 done 2 weeks ago, they took 8 days to root in aeroponics bucket

NIce Bevan, those clone are looking nice and perky! How old were the mother’s when you took the clones? And what light do you have the clones under there? LED or dual spectrum cfl?

In hindsight i should have gone with super skunk with my first hydro grow. Ive got a super silver haze and Roberts Gold leaf both transplanted from soil to hydro. Waiting for the SSH to catch up to goldie under some t5’s before i pull the hid’s out. coming into winter here (AUS) so am waiting for the weather to cool down for mh light. But yeah super skunk, beginner strain, high yield and short flowering time. Pretty cool!