100% Perlite Hempy Grow Help!

Hi, I’m starting my 1st Hempy Grow and I have a few questions. When I transplanted the 2 week old plants, they were in soil before. When I transplanted them I had a bucket of water and I dipped the roots in it to remove excess dirt.(seen this advice on another forum) I also used Super thrive to help prevent shock. A few of the plants have started to droop, is that due to over watering. The plants are in 3.5 gallon buckets with a 2 inch res, about how long before the roots will hit the water, and when should I see noticeable growth. I’m using gh nutes, I’ve watered them 3 times in 26 hours. Feeding every time. Any advice would be awesome, I read up on it for weeks before deciding to do this, I have 14 plants going.

3x in 26 hours seems like a lot of water to me. Don’t water for a day and see how they reapond.

Hydro growers… to ur positions lol. @bryan @Myfriendis410 (think he said 100% perlite so maybe more up your alley) @peachfuzz @Donaldj (havent seen don in a bit)

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Never done 100% perlite, sorry.

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Coco coir correct? I can never get my mediums in order. One day… :joy:

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Not sure how well the perilite will hold nutrients since you add it for drainage normally
It does have it own micro nutrients in it
all perlite does

Sounds like your bottom feeding with the set up you have
Id say in a 3-5 days the roots will reach the bottom of the pot/res
You can foliar feed in the mean time and im not sure you want to feed everytime you water
Also give them a few day to recover from the transplanting


Ill say this im intrigued bybthis and will be watching this thread to see your progress @Okietokie

Interesting you chose the 100% perlite route. That’s what Hempy used years ago when describing his Hempy Bucket method. Removing all the dirt from the roots will definitely result in some kind of shock, not sure how much Superthrive will mitigate that. By feeding every time, you’re applying nutrients before the plant has recovered from having the roots cleaned of soil (as noted by @Countryboyjvd1971). You probably should use water only until the plants show signs of recovery. Then of course you’ll want to resume your feeding schedule.

Keep posting about the progress of this grow. If things don’t get going how’d you’d like, I’d suggest starting seeds in Rapid Rooters to avoid the root cleaning part next time around. That said, I don’t want to step on your researched plans. Good luck with any method you choose.

Thanks guys, after reading some more and from some of your answers I am going to stop all watering till the bucket is light in weight. Most of the plants were perked up this morning too. I will post pics when they start growing

Perlite isn’t much different from hydroton you can’t not water it and some trace amount of nutrients will be needed since it stores very little. If they perked up hold your course focus feedings towards humic/fulvic acids Seaweed, B-vites for recovery they provide good balance of NPK while adding natural hormones to encourage root growth and recovery

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Honestly, perilite is a hydro medium, you can keep it 100% wet, at all times. You may want to allow some recovery time from your plant, as that may be the problem. But frequent watering, with a well established plant in hempy is common.

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