1 month old ladies

Hey everyone,

Should I be trimming anything or how are they looking so far?

Also, can I run the MH light for a longer period since the little ones are still growing or should I switch to HPS already?

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I follow Hellraiser guide step by step. Are you planning on topping the girls? Controls height and gives more yield.
You can trim leaves that are blocking new branches, leaves that are in the way of watering and clean up the underside of the plant.

I will use HPS light when switching to flower stage.

Can you tag a link to his guide?

I am not too sure what to do at this point to be honest. It’s my first grow

He has 2 journals. At the end of this one is he post his 2nd, which is a continuation. It’s a long read, but we’ll worth :slight_smile:. He does experiments, all kinds of unorthodox stuff.

Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

Am on day 41, if you want me to post some pics, let me know. Am growing the starter pack from ILGM, 1 each of WW,BG, and AK.

@Zee I received a major scolding for topping an auto that barely had whiskers. Those three are far beyond what mine was.

Yeah go ahead and post pics! I appreciate it

This is how they look from the side. Should I be trimming some ? I’m not sure what to even trim or how to do it to be honest

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Your girls are flowering so best to go with the HPS bulb for bigger yields. Don’t want to be topping after flowering has started, just need to ride it out at this point.

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he or she could run both lights? Heat could be a problem? Maybe not enough space? But heck yeah …

I’m assuming they only have the one ballast and reflector and will just switch bulbs.

Thank you!. My question is, Will it be okay to switch to HPS even though I have a couple little ones still growing?


HPS will make your little ones stretch a bit more (which may not be a bad thing for autos) than MH but I’ve rather have the flowering ones get HPS


some folks only use hps from start to finish!


I switched my Viparspectra to HLG with no transition. It went smooth. I have never used HPS but I have enough problems with heat from LED lights.

Don’t cut anything, maybe you can bend the main top (LST) and some leaves to let the other buds to get the same energy from the root system and light. But, please do this with caution. :+1:

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I am currently growing WWAF and she is a little over a month. I tied her branches down just recently and I was going to scog but I had to move my tent so I stuck with LTS and trimming.! Might be wrong lol I will find out in a few weeks!