Zod purple anyone heard of Zod?

howdy, just back from getting an oz from my normal connection, he’s med pot available and i’m not. for the first time he got me an oz from the med dispensary. i expect it to be better than the providers he has been using, but i have never heard of the strain before. did a search on google and a seed bank in UK came up with the zod, but not with purple added on to it. Anyone know anything about zod?

btw, got some in mill to try for first time, looks better than the stuff his main provider was getting to us.

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Kryptonite x viper city og. In a nice twist kryptonite is supposedly mendocino purps x killer queen.

@MattyBear can probably give you a line on the kilker queen anyway.


real small joint, did the trick, but had an after taste to the hit from thirty years ago that i was trying to place the flavor of… i think it reminds me of thai stick with the sweet after taste that you used to get from that stuff.


My Killer Queen tastes like sweet pine and grapefruit


Back in the day, there was some smoke I wished I knew the name off, but it was like what @MattyBear was talking about…

it had a sweet pine taste to it, very mellow and the buds looked like little Christmas trees.

I sure wished I could get my hands on that again!

Any Ideas… . let me know.

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