Zkittles grow journey

I think I got carried away with defoliating fan leaves. I guess I’ll see.

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Finally after 20 weeks from seed to harvest. 4 weeks germination/seedlings, 6 weeks veg and 10 weeks flower.

Drying room at optimum condition and I’m banking on 2 pounds at least



One thing I would do better is lollipop more. I have way to much popcorn buds.

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Start of week 2 drying. The chlorophyll hay smell was very strong at the beginning of harvest. Now it’s subsided or maybe I’m just used to it. The buds have lost most of its water weight but still look chunky so I’m not mad at that. The branches are bending but not snapping. I have noticed them getting harder. I give them 1 more week. I’m shooting for a 14 day dry. Temps and rh still as last week.

End of week 2. Did a major lollipoping on the clones and flipped them to flower. I won’t have to deal with the popcorn buds with this run.

I have balls. The breeding room is looking phenomenal
The 3 branches have started growing pollen sacks. The problem is they won’t be producing mature pollen in time to pollonate the other branches so if that does happen then I’ll be crossing Bruce Banner with Zkittles and also Green Crack with Zkittles.


Harvest day! And now I see why trim jail is a thing. 4 huge plants took the whole day to trim. Literally the whole day. Here is the total dry buds and trim. The trim consists of popcorn bud also.

Jar 1 174g
Jar 2 229g
Jar 3 228g
Total buds 631g almost 1½ pounds

Bag 1 145g
Bag 2 166g
Bag 3 76g
Total trim/popcorn 387g

My next grow journey will be after the Zkittles clones.
Strains will be Bruce Banner and Green Crack.
And I’ll be crossing them both with Zkittles.

Special thanks to everyone that assisted in the success of this grow its been a long journey.


That’s an awesome haul you pull out of those plants, how did the jars smell? My Skittles still smell like Fruity Pebbles every time I open the jar. What an awesome smelling and tasting strain, hope yours turn out as good.:sunglasses:

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Thanks. I actually have different but similar smells from each plant. One plant smelled exactly like Skittles. Another smelled like Grapefruit. And the other a mixture of Skittles and Fruity Pebbles. It’s amazing how the same strain but different phenos can bring out all the smells of the mothers.


I missed the best part but congrats on the harvest! Sweet yields! Pound n a half of solid nuggs? O u killed it!

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Thanks. I got another grow up. Bruce Banner/Green Crack.

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