Your EXPERT opinions, Please...🤩

First time grow. Soil, Two Gold Leaf, one Super Silver Haze.
Sprouted 4/17, and with YOUR help, I think I’m getting CLOSE, I hope!
Suggestions are encouraged! :smiley::smiley:


Looks good. Still have a few weeks to go


Have any pics in natural light?


U got some weight to pack on hopefully u lowered the Number and raise the PK


That bottom pic the top of the bud the calyx with the Orange hair… That thing behind the orange hair will engourge and depending on the high you want more or less amber is more or less body high couch lock if you will …that comes with amber trics…That’s your key to watch trics on the calyxys

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They look to me like a wonderful uplifting high! With soo MUCH laughter that your tummy will be sore! I’m a newbie too though!!

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Looking good!

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I HOPE you’re right,!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thank you, and good luck!

Sorry I haven’t gotten back. For some reason, my screen, on this site, has, “collapsed” or something??? I can’t see, as I type,! But, yes. I HAVE reduced nutrients, and only using Me that Of God’s, Bountiful Harvest, (bone meal).
Soooo…Should I start, “flushing” soon???
Thank you!

Nectar of God’s

your gonna wanna wait till your trucks are all clear for a heady high start flush at cloudy tricomes if you want a good mix of body and head high flush at 25%amber tricome as your done with your flush a few days before harvest you should be right around50 percent be watching daily they can ripen up quite quickly if you don’t watch daily

That’s excellent.
Thank you!