Young plants so small

I’ve got 2 ww autos. I also started 3 grape ape photos. They all germinated. The 3 grape ape are about 2 inches tall. The 2 autos have jagged leaves 2each but
they are barley outof the starter pods. Did this last last time and after about 2 or 3 wks. they finally grew. Only happens on autos. Any suggestions??

The experts will definitely want a picture!



What are the “starter pods” made out of? My guess is you left them in the pods too long and they haven’t received any nutrients. Only a guess since you didn’t offer up more information.

Whats the dli you’re giving them , any less then 10 and you re hindering growth

My bad, life has been crazy hehe. Hydroponics single resivour under each plant. Only been given distilled water. Plenty of air in water and temps 72 to 76. pH is spot on. 6 . Fans moving air, have 4in. Exhaust fan.