Yellowing cotyledons

Popped these seeds for Bubba kush auto and we are just getting into week two of the grow and I see yellowing cotyledons. Seems a bit soon for them to be turning yellow but just inquiring to be safe.


Yellowing cotelydons is relatively common but your back girls look like they’re not getting enough light and your medium looks far to wet especially if its not coco coir


Seven - eight days up they should have a set of leaves and starting on 2nd. Could be genetics I had some jack herer autos that were slow to go or the environment is off. Medium, water, lights etc.


Hey thanks I’m using root riot pods at the moment and will be transplanting to coco when they are ready. I can let them air out for a while today and let them dry up. I’m running about 80+ humidity 75-80 degrees f in a humidity dome with dechlorinated tap water.

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It means the plants are unable to get any nutes thru the roots and they are eating themselves.
Looks very wet…