Yellowing and marks

My plant is developing probably developing an issue. Some leaves are yellowing and drying and some having marks. Mainly bottom ones. Might be 2 different issues. Growing outside south florida. Any ideas? Full sun all day

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That look like slugs and/or leaf miners. Get some DE and sprinkle it on your soil. DE = damascus earth. Also jacks dead bug and foliar spray at dusk. @valsorim


From pictures I have seen those marking look like leaf miners.


Agreed with @ChittyChittyBangin. more than likely leaf miners vs slugs. They do similar damage tho the leaf miners do just that. Mines through the leafs leaving the faded looking line in the leaf.

Slugs do leave trails that can cause similar looking damage to the leafs. But slugs mostly take little bits out the leafs here and there.

Cant make a suggestion on how to get rid of them though. I generally spend hours picking bugs catapilars beatles ect off my plants . And i HIGHLY DONT recommend that tatic. Its stupid time consuming and just overall a pain in the a$$ and a bunch of other words i cant say here. :rofl:


Leaf miners as stated but the other yellowing plant needs feed. You have plenty of room left in your pot. I would add some good fresh soil with compost or organic granular fertilizer.

It’s getting really hot now, you may have to put those plants on one side of a tree or other shade and water twice a day if needed.

Outdoors I follow an IPM and spray weekly with two products the fatty acid for bugs by general hydroponics called Exile mixed with any oil base product.

Only spray at dusk, no direct sun. I would add the bugs if you haven’t already or use the organic Jobes fertilizer with the bugs.

If you have not done so yet give them a shot of cal mag.

Good luck