Yellow tips of leaf

I am new to this and I can’t be sure what my plant needs.
Yellow tips of leafs
I think potassium deficiency, but don’t know.

Plant: Gorilla Glue
Water: Rain water so far


@Hippo, those leaves looking so pointed up, it grabbing for light…or maybe am cross eyed at the moment. Looks like either to MagCal issue or under watering. Someone with more experience than me will come along to give you a better answer. You can save her

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Thanks for the input. I use a light on them and natural sunlight, so I don’t think it’s that.
I’ll keep the Mag/Cal in mind.

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Hello Hippo, Are you ph adjusting the rain water? What brand of soil are you using?

I have done no Ph testing or adjusting. I am using Recipe 420 potting soil.

You need to start, rainwater can be a bit acidic and not the ideal ph that our plants like and that causes nutrient lockout which causes deficiency issues. You’re going to need a digital ph meter and ph up and down to adjust your water to the proper ph, 6.5 for soil.


Thanks. I’ll do that