Yellow Run-off Water from just one plant...?

I have 5 plants in pots, 3 of them in identical 15 gals pots.
All use the same soil, Fox Farm Ocean.
All Durban Poison seeds came from same source.

One of the plants was odd from birth. It’s leaves very “coily”, curling laterally (not rolling up).
This plant’s runoff water is Yellow, compared to the clear runoff of the other two.

-see photos- The curly effect is much much less now, as a mature plant.

It’s pH is lower too, at 5.25 to 6. I just started adjusting pH this week. The other two are in the 6-6.5 pH range.

Another thing, the odd plant’s container is much heavier than the other two, meaning I assume that it holds more water. Yet it’s amount of runoff is about the same as the other two. This tells me it holds about the same amount of water. Does not add up. ???

*** What do you suppose the yellow color is from? Remember, the other plants are clear.
*** Why would it’s pH be so much lower? All soil came from same source, Fox Farm.
*** Could the curly plant be a different strain?
*** What causes one container to be heavier than the others, even though the runoff when watered is about the same?


Mature Curly plant: much less curly than when young.

One of the others

Inquiring Head wants to know… :roll_eyes: Thanks.

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I don’t have an answer as to the yellow runoff.

I do know that some plants are just funky. I’m growing two amnesia haze right now. One is growing as expected the other has burnt leaves and is barely growing. Exactly everything is the same. No clue why…


Hi. I’m guessing it has root rot…

Hmmm, Ace. Intersesting. I guess when I harvest I could check the roots. I’d need to figure out what rotten roots look like. My assumption is something dark and limp, goo-ey…?
(I am so tempted to just post an example of root rot as a photo of a political foe, but I’ll stay true to the simple peace of this site. Ahhhhh.)

But it DOES remind me of that Bob Marley song, “Root Rot, Reggae…”

@Hoyt Healthy roots are pure white usually. The way grass looks that has
been under something and that prevents it from getting any light. Roots
can get rot from overwatering… I’ve grown two inside and one outside grow
and never watered the plants (in smart pots) so much as to even ever get
run off truthfully… the inside plants were in 25 gallons of soil each and
received about a gallon a day. The outside ones were in 15 gallon pats and
received the same unless rain was in the forecast.

Ace, that brings up the whole watering-thing… I water about every 2-3 days, 15 gal., sticking my ignorant index finger into the soil to check for moisture. I then water a with a couple of gallons or so per plant, allowing “a little water” to run out the bottom.

Watering less, everyday, makes me wonder how all the root sytem is reached. Perhaps the surplus that builds wicks off to drier areas? It doesn’t make the top part of the pot too moist?
What do I know…?

15 gal pots… 1-2 gal water per pot

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Yeah… the one point that sticks with me is that overwatering is worse
than underwatering. The finger test is good depending on the weather… I
figure if I watered a little each and every day I couldn’t be doing them
too much harm. They will let you know they need water by looking all
droopy… although they will also droop if overwatered. I love enjoying
the fruits of my labor, of which this whole science project is a labor of
love! Good luck!!!

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Can’t answer the first question other then IDK

Question #2
Same soil, same strain, yes but 3 different plants and this answers #4 as well one plant is drinking less water then the others and your basically Force feeding her and maybe caused a lock out or other problems .

#3 I don’t think it’s another strain, most probably a deficiency check the charts in full color with actual pics of plants I’m sure it will help.

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Ace and Wishing… Great info on watering. Thanks. When I read it, it makes sense!

The pot that holds more water has a much thinner plant in it with FAR less leaf area and hence water uptake. Duh…

This is great. I’ll tune in more to the plants and watch their reactions to things. Lord knows I check them a lot. Fortunately, they’re doing fine.

Muchas Thanks!

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Hoyt, I was also going to comment about the roots reaching for water around
the pot… the roots will consume any size potbyou put them in so I don’t
really worry too much about an even spread other than watering every inch
of the top of the soil.
Do you have yours in fabric smart pots? Not to self: next outdoor grow use
white smart pots. They reflect the heat from the sun, duh…

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the color difference, I’ve got 3 plants and their run off always has 3 different shades or colors if you will. Read my grow journal epically the last 30 or so conversation has a lot of your questions with answers from a really reliable source it’s called I’m guessing it’s time to start a journal

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