Yellow leaves cannabis

My plants are 3 weeks old the top leaves have turned yellow, they are in an aeroponic system.

They are in aeroponics? What media is that? Coco?

What are you feeding them and what’s the ph of your reservoir?

Feeding bio bizz, in coco, looking at it I am not sure if I am feeding enough. Is the bio bizz feed schedule for one plant? I have 4 plants in my system. Does this mean I should be calculating for 4?
Keep checking ph, it goes up.
Sorry if this seems dumb… 1st time

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Ph in a hydro system should be in the range of 5.8 to 6.0. For your feedings, those measurements are per liter. So if you have 4 plants, and they each get 1 liter…then it should be the feed amount multiplied by 4 because your mixing up 4 liters of water. You definitely have a ph issue going on which is causing a nutrient lockout. If you get your ph into the range I stated above, they should be just fine.

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Everyone has to start somewhere. My first grow was full of worries and questions. Just remember, if you see something odd…take a second to step back and look at the big picture. We can buy all the nicest things to grow with but we can’t buy patience lol you’ll get it. Just tag me if you have any questions and I’ll be more then happy to help out. Make sure to put the @ symbol in front of my name so it sends me a message. Otherwise I might miss your questions.


Help I’m 60yrs old and I’ve got Parkinsons sorry my wife was just talking to you. How many litres of water should be in the reservoir Thankyou

@imSICKkid hi kid I’m 60yrs old with Parkinson’s hence my wife’s experiment you just talked to her. How many litres of water should we have in our reservoir Thankyou

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Can you take a full picture of your setup. I’m not understanding how you feed or what you got going on


It’s aeroponic rather than hydroponics.

What the deal with the coco in the pots though? Why not use hydrotron clay pebbles?

As long as water is spraying the roots then your good. The ph should be 5.8 to 6.0

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Looks like you got this, homey.

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Thanks kid, we will use clay pebbles next time. This was all trial and error lol.
Let you know how we go.
Does it matter how much water is in the reservoir?

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Not really a set amount on the water. Just enough to keep the sprayers running good

@imSICKkid hi it’s been two days on.still ph is still a going up tops out at 6.7 but the plants are still struggling image we have upped the feed to 4 x now have just enough water covering the pump 10 litres as you can see it’s in a greenhouse is it getting to much light with the light Aswell .confused totally any ideas thanks jay

How close is the light to your plants? Your ph is way too high. It needs to stay at 5 8 to 6.0

@imSICKkidi I know but how do we do that. wife said the light is 13” above the tallest plant.

Aren’t you using a bottle of ph up or ph down to control it? Also…that light needs to be hanging at around 20 inches during the veg phase. Once they start flowering then the light goes to 12" above them

@imSICKkid yes we are

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