Yellow dots on top fan leafs?

Hi, i have 5 autos going under two ts1000s and i was wondering what type of disease or if it even is 1 or what, my first time growing and i dont ha e anything to combat it immediately, its like yellow dots on top and brown ish spots on the underside


Its the one on the bottom right in last picture, the rest seem fine

Looks like a pest to me. Try looking under the leaves with a microscope.

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Were you misting this plant with lights on :love_you_gesture:


Nope no sprays, waiting on a microscope tomorrow and will check back, its been about a week or so since this and seems to be doing okay.

Seems like an issue I had with mites or other insect. It eventually turned to pencil eraser size spots for me just like that. Spray the top and underside (where the eggs get deposited) of the leaf with Captain Jacks insecticidal super soap or maybe Safer brand home multi-insect killer. Mist a light coating on the soil too is what I did. Problem solved.