Yellow, Brown, Dead! All advice welcome :-)

Hi everyone,

This is my first visit to this forum and as the title suggests I got here after having some issues with my plant at home.

I’ll give you guys the story and follow with some pictures. Any advice would be much appreciated.

So I grew MJ once before in Europe over ten years ago. They were feminized seeds and all went pretty smoothly. I currently live in South East Asia and here pot is filled with seeds so I thought I’d give growing those a go. Out of 50 seeds only one sprouted but that one’s been growing strong ever since.

The plant lives in a pot that I filled with a mixture of soil, sand, coconut husk, rice husk, and a little cow dung. I usually gave some worm extract every few weeks.

The plant is in full sun on the roof and as it’s rainy season here in the tropics so it usually gets a serious watering daily.

A few weeks ago I tested the PH with a cheap PH meter and it was at 5 so I put lime powder and a good amount of cow dung on top of the soil. I also had some bugs in the garden so I preventively sprayed it with a neem oil mixture. I have white spots on the leaves and stem as well and hoped the neem oil would fix but it didn’t.

A few weeks back I also had a little accident by which the main stem split about an inch deep. I tied it back together which seemingly healed well.

2 weeks ago I started seeing some leaves turn yellow but I went straight on holidays leaving it as is. Now that I’m back the pot is full of dead brown leaves that have mainly dropped from the bottom part of the plant. Higher up I see the bigger leaves change colour as well.

What do you guys think is happening, what should I do and what definitely not?

My first thought was to change the soil but my wife told me to calm down and look for some advice first. :slight_smile:

All tips are welcome and thanks for reading.

Warm regards

Welcome to the community the Leafs towards the bottom of the plant turning yellow is caused buy the plant feeding off of itself. At that point I would remove the Dead Leaves. Are you feeding the plant .

Hi Kellydans,
Thanks for the comment.
I was feeding it worm extract in liquid form. There is still lots of cow dung on top from when I fed it a few weeks back. Is that sufficient?

The worm extracts is good cannabis likes that but the NPK is pretty low amount. Might be a good idea to check the run off pH and PPM. Plant looks like it is just starting to flower. You may have to get you a bloom nute for the flowering stage. Good luck

Looks like it’s time to transplant. Many outdoor growers are using the 10 gallon fabric pots. Look around in the forum there is a trouble ticket to fill out, you have to give important information as to what kind of soil, what kind of nutes, what pH you are watering and you PPM’s You are on a great site with many growers who have encountered many problems and can help you with experience. Good Luck and happy growin !

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