Yellow and burnt leaf tips

I’m a new grower. Can someone help me with this problem. I have been watering and feeding her with PH 6.3-6.7 water. I am using Growth Science Nutrients. I am in Veg and give them 1 tsp base A, B and solid start. I live in Arizona and it has been hot! 105-110 degrees so I have been shading them during the day. Everything was great until a couple days ago. PLEASE HELP! Thank you in advance.

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How about pics of the full plant? The bottom leaves aren’t necessarily indicative of problems.

What are your runoff pH and PPM?

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Not sure what run off PH or PPM is. Here is what I have.

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It is normal for a plant to shed its lower leaves as it matures. Your plant looks fine.

Runoff testing is measuring the pH and PPM of the water that runs out the bottom of your pot when you water. PPM should be ~1,000 and pH should be in the 6.3 to 6.8 range. What you measure going in will be different that what is coming out.

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Can I use the instrument shown?

Yes, but it may not measure both pH and PPM. Which model # Apera do you have?

This may be helpful:

Will this work? I use it to monitor moisture.

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The pronged meters are not accurate. Your Apera is a good meter. Which model number is it? PH20, PC60?

It is a PH60

The pH60 does a great job measuring pH. It will not measure PPM.

There are inexpensive PPM testers out there, but I don’t use them since I have an Apera PC60 that measures both pH and PPM. Someone should come along and suggest what models are good meters.

What is PPM?

Parts Per Million. It is a measure of the level of nutrients in your root zone. It’s best to manage it to avoid problems with your grow. The following article is a decent introduction. Ignore the 3-prong meter pic in the article. These are not accurate. The article is 7 or 8 years old and I have requested that the pic be removed from the article.

Great…Thank you MidwestGuy Great info. Can you advise me on this pic. I think maybe over water and or iron Def?

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There is no iron deficiency. An iron deficiency looks like this:

Your plants need more light. What are you using for lighting?

If you think you might be overwatering then you probably are.


I have the PH60. How do you measure the out put on it? Put it in the dirt at the bottom?

Capture the water that runs out of the bottom of the pot when you water and measure it.

I put them outside then move them inside under a skylight when it heats up.

They need more direct sun.

Thank you MidwestGuy…You are the best!!!

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Happy growing

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