Strain: wwa ilgm seeds
Soil in 5 gallon buckets
Ph of water 6.5
No run off yet
Temp and humidity reader is orderd
4 inch carbon ventilation systymran tru my light to keep cooler
No ac humidifier


Day 2 out of soil



Set to watching good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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What light system are you using?

450 watt mh

Get yourself some CFL (I use a 55 true watt 5600k cfl) you can get the light closer and seedlings will thrive under it and you will be using half the watts and less heat

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Idk what that is do you have a picture in not using the mh yet I’m using a small t5 light on 2 of em and a bulb on the other until there big enough to go under the mh I have about 2 weeks left on my current from


The curly bulb


I went to supercenter they did not have any

Home depot, Walmart, batteries and bulbs

Ok thanks

How long should I leave the domes over them

I believe until they grow out of them but I took mine off after a week, I think it all depends on how much control you have over your humidity as to how long you keep them domed


Im watching and following along. Good luck on the grow brother :metal:

Thank you and is there a cheap light system I could add to my 450 hps it’s a 3x4 grow space

Why not grab another hps?

Its hot

What kind of outtake fan are you using? Cfm?