WW Budding Help

So I have two issues here that may be minor or may be major, unsure but if someone could help me determine and offer and suggestions that would be great.

First off my roots have manage to escape my pot. As seen below.

Now I’m about a month into flowering and was wondering if should just leave and let be or if i should get and tray/bucket to put beneath and let continue to grow? I’m afraid to transport into another pot at this time as its late in the grow cycle and I also have a screen on for SCROG grow. Any suggestions here?

My second issue my not be an issue but more be not knowing what my buds should look like as this is only my second grow with proper equipment. Take a look at the two buds below:

It’s a bit harder to tell but in the first picture there a cluster of whiteness, and I cant tell if is normal. In my previous grow all my buds have looked like that second picture. Very clearly defined hairs coming out. However, I am running my lights a little closer this run so I was wondering if this could possibly either be much condenser buds to light intensity or on the opposite end is this damaged hairs due to light intensity?

I hoping these are either none issues or quicker fixes but if anyone has any input if would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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A month into flower, I think I’d personally leave it at this point. That said, what size are the pots?

Buds look good to me :slight_smile: Nice and hairy

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Glad to here that the buds aren’t in danger! As far as the pot I’m currently using a 5 gallon bucket. Although I have invested in some 5 gallon smart pots for my next grow…wondering if i should up the size?

Are these fem or auto? How long in veg if fem? How tall are they? I am growing WW fem and using 10 gallon smart pots. Height is 44" and I supercropped but not scrogged.

I had roots growing out of my 5 gallon pots as well. What I did is put a couple of pieces of 3/4" pine (kindling wood) one under each edge to lift the pot off the ground. This caused the roots growing out of the bottom to air prune themselves.

I personally would get the pots off the ground and create an air space under the pot to allow air to under there. What I believe is happening is the roots are searching out moisture and because your buckets are directly on the ground it is creating a moist spot under the pot. I had the same issue and by lifting the pots upnjust 3/4" it allowed air flow to allow the roots to air prune themselves.

Just my 2 pennies worth.

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Great advise my roots were coming through and I
Was like what can I do. I have raised them to air out
Bottoms. Thinking this will help.
Thanks man.

@Myfriendis410 This is WW Fem, from seed to flowering was about 5 weeks (don’t know if you’d really consider first week veg.) Height from soil to top of plant is about 20" but id say about 10" of the bottom is all pruned off. Still quite new to growing properly so trying to see what works best for me. I have yet to try super cropping, feel like I might F that up but possibly next grow. How do you like the smart pots? I got some 5 gal ones ready for next grow but wondering if i should return and up it to 10gal.

@Jmesser80 - Thanks for the input, and I know I can certainly get it situated so that i have it lift off the ground, however i also found about 2" tray i could fill with more dirt and slide under to let continue to grow. Do you know which would be better or worse?

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If it were me, I’d lift it unless the tray has holes. Otherwise, the bottom tray will fill with water and the plant will stay too wet at the bottom. If the tray has drain holes then maybe. I’d like to see that actually :slight_smile:

My roots grow out the bottom of the fabric pots without me even knowing. They were just under the pot and did ok.

I agree with @Matthew420. I have never tried throwing a tray with more dirt underneath but as mentioned I would add holes to the tray so it doesn’t trap the water.
Inevitably though I would think the roots would grow out of the new holes as well and you would wind up back where you started. Give it a shot and if they grow out the new holes you can always lift them off the ground at that point.

Happy growing!

Just keep stacking trays :joy: It could become a thing then @BrandX could name it something.

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@BrandX, the jury is still out on the smart pots. I’m using 5 and 10 gallon both but it’s really dependent on the size of your plant. At 44" I probably should go for larger than that. One thing about them is they sort of self prune roots. I may have to improvise on two of my girls. Time will tell.

Sorry for the update delay. So I ended up trying to let the roots grow but also let the air prune if that makes sense. The smart pots I order where slightly wider then then buckets I was growing in. So I just added about 2" of dirt at the bottom and slid it under. I then tried to put some metal wiring below to try and keep it off the ground but that has to be adjusted as you can see the weight just bent right down.

Anyways hasn’t seem to cause any harm yet. Still got several weeks ahead of me but here’s a peak at the buds.

Not sure how well this will due to my previous, didn’t let veg. as long, just trying to see difference in yields. Still got lots of learning to do.