Wpm season is upon us

Hey all,
So I’ve had two nights in the high 40’s (last two nights) I’m in early flower, week two I’m guessing. This afternoon brought:

I’m wondering what the verified method to treat this in early flower is. I have some greencure fungicide, h2o2, or I’ll go buy whatever, just don’t want to burn these buds just yet. Gonna tag a few peeps, but all are welcome to comment. @Budbrother @Covertgrower @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410. This is only on one plant so far. The purple showed up after the cold nights I had last week (in the mid 40’s)
Thanks for the info in advance

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Try a dilute spray of 2 Tablespoons 3% H2O2

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50-50 @Myfriendis410?

2T in a quart of distilled water

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Oh shit lol @Myfriendis410, I’ve in previous years been alternating between full strength h2o2 and a 50/50 with little success when it gets out of hand lol. I’ll drop it down to that level. Thanks man

Start there and increase as needed. If you can put a fan on it to increase air flow would be good. A partial defoliation may be wise too.


I’d love to be able to put a fan and a heater on them but outdoor location = no power.
I can do some deforestation though. Is there an amount of leaves that’s acceptable to remove without stressing them?

I’m dealing with the same issues. I have been using h2o2 and safer brand sulfur spray, which doesn’t smell at all. I’ve read a lot about sulfur use, and there are radically different opinions about its use. I’m not too far into flower and I sprayed everything with sulfur. Now I’m going through with h2o2 and a wash cloth wiping any white spots. :crossed_fingers: I make it to finish with no moldy buds. I also added a fan to my greenhouse to increase air flow after I cleaned for pm. Good luck, man. I’d love to hear others opinions and tips about pm.


JMS organic stylet oil.
Will not burn. It’s scentless/tasteless and useable until harvest (I still don’t like spraying buds).
I wish I’d found out about this sooner. I’ve got a shelf of products that tout working for wpm but didn’t.