Would like some help with transplanting and burying the stem a bit

Yes, I did top once a couple weeks ago. There are some pretty common misconceptions about transplant shock. Transplant shock comes from breaking main roots, drastic changes in soil, or environment. When I say main roots I don’t mean the little spindly roots matted around the edges of the pot I mean the big ones closer to the center of dirt ball. You can break quite a few of the small fibrous roots with little to no ill effect. If your careful with your transplant protocol, there won’t be any transplant shock at all, only roots that are happy to have room to grow and good soil.


It looks pretty good bud. It’s a fun time taking care of em just in general. I thought about topping but eh, my first serious grow, I’d be happy with any yield. Maybe lst but I’m a bit worried about snapping the stalks… they’re pretty hardy atp. Exactly bud… exactly. I thought to break up the ball a little but I didn’t like the idea of harassing any of the roots… man I went easy.
I started with pretty generic Vigoro soil and sure it did the job. Did eventually get some good organic nutes… Transplanted with Happy Frog… They seem happy :slight_smile:

So just an update y’all, sorry for the hiatus. Went ahead with the transplant and they seem to be doing really well. The roots looked ‘ok’. Not wicked ‘hairy’ and vibrant but i did start with very generic soil IMO… Vigor from Home Depot. I topped with happy frog and laid some Buddha organic nutes before covering them up entirely. It’s been a little over a week and man, they’ve grown some 30% high and bushier and seemingly happier, which of course makes me happy :smiley:.
Gotta thank all you guys who chimed in and gave some great advice. I hope to return it here in the forums when and if i can!


Hey there…Keep posting updates …Im curious to see how they do…They look healthy!!

@AL_GREEN Seemingly pretty healthy! Leggy but they basically stay on the shelf. They’ve grooooown.
It’s been about 90+ everyday in direct Sun. Sorta wild temps for MA. They began canoeing one day i left them out. I pulled them right back inside. Sun stress maybe?
I’m sure the black pots don’t help :-/. They get HOT. Hindsights a b***h.
I started putting them in white 5-gallon buckets hoping to keep them cooler. I haven’t them out all day since, avoiding 10am-2ish.
Overall though they seem to be pretty happy. I suppose after their next drink I’ll put em out for the day. I’d like to acclimate them… hopefully slow their height somewhat.


After looking at other’s photos and all, I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong here or causing slow growth. There about 5 weeks old… should they be this small still? They’re overall 16” but buried about 6” during repotting passed the cots. They’re grown they’re 9-10th nodes.
I’ve given good nutes on schedule, babied em really, repotted when i figured was needed with good soil. Although they aren’t given full, all-day-outdoor basking. I feel like they should be bigger/bushier but maybe that’s just my amateur and hopeful eyes haha. No topping was ever done either

They are looking good and healthy. What strain are they? Sativa strains tend to be longer and lankier, but those don’t look like sativa leaves to me. With no topping or training your plants will grow taller and less bushy. The highest node wins. This concept is called apical dominance. In essence we top and train to redistribute the hormones in the plant that make it taller or shorter and more or less bushy. All that said I would say low light is still a big culprit. You are correct that you need to acclimate them as they go outside. To harden them off you start by putting them out in the shade for a half hour. the next day go for an hour in the shade. After a couple days of that start giving a little full sun at the end before they go back to their shelf. Slowly increase their time outside as well as the full sun portion each day. Sometimes this can be done in a day or two sometimes it takes a week or two. It just depends on your plants and conditions outside. You can also start the full sun in the morning when it’s less intense if you think you need the extra cushion. Hope that helps.

With acclimating, that is sorta what we’ve been doing. Hmm. Only once did i let them get hit that hard with sun. They did get heavy nutes the night before… nitrogen might’ve been high. The white buckets seem to help. I’m gunna have to start using more shade for sure and try again.
I really should try to diagnose with one variable at a time… not pots, water, nutes, sun, so on all at once.
Did i just answer my own question? Hahaha.
They are hit with sun on that shelf from dawn till about 1pm. Later in the day i bring em out front till dusk. They do get a pretty good amount of sun all be told. But it has been damn hot this year.
At night i put them under a cheap led light… i tested around 6000k, but week. I’m trying to avoid the sleepy hormones during veg. They get a couple hours of dark but still.
The strain is Bubba Kush x Pink Runtz. Bubbas Triad Runtz. It’s a store owners cross. Feminized and photos. All this taken on their word of course.
This is a total tangent… sorry. Calyxes are starting to pop up. No pistils or anything but they’re growing. I’m new to growing but this def seems odd to me.

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I do see they are doing better now. I think that’s about what my outdoor plants looked like when I put them out a month ago. That screen will stop a lot of light too, but I bet they are close to ready for some full sun. They may taco a little in the heat. As long as they perk up when it cools off they are just fine. Calyxes pooping up at the nodes is perfectly normal. It’s the plant showing it has reached sexual maturity. As time goes on you will see two pistils emerge from each calyx. If it was a male you would see pollen balls start forming. It isn’t flower starting, but is the sign that you could flower when you switch the lights or the days get short enough outside. Flower is starting when you see pistils sprouting from the tips of the branches.

Yeah definitely need a bigger pot, or ground, I think you’ll be amazed at the difference when you get her in a bigger grow area happy growing

@BatZ_JT when you transfer her to bigger pots, did you l@@k at her roots? L@@king at the bottom of the root ball did you see lots of roots, like if roots were growing around the bottom of the pots? WATCH THAT …its called root bound…roots ike to spread out, they get different nutrition from soil when spread out…plus yo dont want the roots to grow out the bottom of pot, it makes it very hard to transplant, and you risk damaging The Roots