Worried for these plants please help!

Hey everyone can anyone please tell me how my plants are doing and if they are good enough or not… this is my first grow and they have been in wedge for 10 weeks and they will be going to flowering in a few days
And btw can someone please tell me how much yield i can expect from such plants on an average… in using coco perlite and lights are LED

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need more info
genetics, types of feeding ect…

yield is only as good as your plant training (+ a whole mess of other things) They look healthy, maybe stretched a bit seeking light

They look fine. Those pots WORRY me. With growing weed, root zones seem to be the most underestimated aspect of it all.

Drainage! Drainage! Drainage! The better water flows, and dries, and flows again. The healthier ur plants generally. Those seem to be bags? Im hoping there is drainage holes in them.

Second observation (and the reason for the first) is ur soil looks pretty wet. If u just watered and have drainage, by all means ignore that rant….

But aside from that? Everything looks great. Few extra questions….

How big is your grow space (LxWxH)?

How many plants?

What kinda light you running?


^^^^^^^^ i saw those pots after i posted. Cringed a bit

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Welcome to the community!

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I suck! Definitely! Welcome to ILGM lol thanks Jane

Make and model?

Well i have 30 plants almost ready for flowering and yep i just watered them so the soil was wet but the bags have good holes and drainage is fine
My space is 3m x 3m x 2.5m ( height )
Tbh i dont know the exact model of the LED ( sadly ) but they are good lights that a pro grower provided for me and thats all the info i know about the lights

Genetics are varient and ive got all kinds tbh including chocolope, amnesia haze , blue dream , skywaler OG , OG kush , white widow and etc, a few seeds of each but tbh i saw the pics of other fellow growers and i thought that my plants weren’t as fat and wide as they should be and got worried, i just did some pruning but couldnt do SOG or any other techniques tbh ( sadly ) but will do on the next grows
This pic is for today after almost 24h of watering

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Thank you so much! Love to be a part of this awesome community!

Ofc my space is alot bigger , to be exact i have two 3 x 3 x 2.5 and one 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 space and will be using all of it soon but for now just using one 3 x 3 x 2.5
( all are in meters )

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Thank you so very much for your help and guidance appreciate it alot

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They look alright u want to try to get those stem thicker do u have a fan blowing air around them

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Yep i have fans and carbon filters and temperature and humidity is stable

Hey Max. The primary objective has been met - you have plants! In my book that is a major success. Keep growing and read through the grow journals on this site. That really helped me because the growers here are are not only helpful but humble and show their failures also so that others may learn. I’ll tag you in my 2021 grow journal.

There are many ways to grow our green friend. You find the method that works for you!

Best to you.


Welcome to the community ! Overall plants look good , little stretch going on . Each grow will sharpen your skills and quality and quantity will follow. Good luck my friend !


So u have one light lighting up all that space? Wow must be a big fella. If u can find the sticker on the box, thatll help.

As everyone has stated, uve got healthy plants (a whole buncha em lol). Now to maximize harvests…

Lights are the most important aspect….

On the types/leaf differences. That’s probably more due to phenotypes. Siblings can have the same genes yet express them differently. Im 6’5 my bro is like 5’8. He has greenish hazelly eyes i have dark brown ones. Same mom same dad.

Ull be able to tell more from the end product (smoke)

3 x 3 = 9 ft ²
3 x 3 = 9 ft ²
2.5 x 2.5 = 6.25 ft ²

24.25 square ft
24.25 x 50W (recommended = 1212.5 W.

Ur gonna need some juice to light that room up properly


Yep i guess im gonna need more light for my babies thabk you for your support :heart: Helped me out ALOT!

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update! these pics are for 2h ago! im planning on going 12/12 and entering flowering tomorrow! Wish me luck

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Since i plan on entering flowering
Can you please give me hints of what i should do with the watering and lights

Idk if im correct but i watered them today and im suppose to keep them in the dark friday and saturday, and then go 12/12 and water on sunday, is that right or?

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