Wondering about vegetative size

With say afghan from ilgm. How long to vegetate until it’s big enough to produce what it says? 14 oz?

If your growing inside it would depend on the sizeof your grow room and way to many other factors Regarding the grow room


If your growing out side … well your locked in to when the plant is ready … Mine are usually in veg from April to late June early July. Harvest late Sept.

sounds like u r inside under lights…???
in that case, u will need to fill about 2/3 of a 4x4 area then flip to 12/12,
she should fill the area during the stretch and u might get the 14 oz if all goes well.!!

as far as a time line to fill the 4x4 area…
this all depends on your equipment, grow method, environment, and skills.!

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So if done right you think I can get 2 1/2 lbs in 5x5 area with 1000 watt LED? Or how many photos you think for that area?how many autos? Which is going to give me a bigger yield? 5x5 1000 watts? 4 months 2 vegetative if photos 2 flowering or maybe 9 weeks flowering 8 vegetative or around 75-90 days for autos and I think 1 auto per square foot in cloth 3 gallon grow bags. Also how many gallon bags for photos did the way I said. going to mix Coco coir perlite and Black Kow potting soil with peat moss I’m probably use just Miracle-Gro for fertilizer or some osmocote time released

i would like to go at least 5 pounds in that area not have square feet of plants on photos and a pound of plant or 5 autos was around 3 oz for each other like I said I thought a lot but after that girl I’m moving to either I ate by 8 or attend my 10 with 3000 watts

download Bergman’s grow book and read it at least twice, then go thru the guides…

yes u “can”,
with 1000 watts of HLG QB or Migro LED, 40 oz would be possible.!

anywhere from 1 to 90.!
go thru the gro journals and look at other grows.!!
this will help u decide where to start.!

again; read, read, watch some u-tube videos and read, read, read some more.!!
grow books, forum grow journals and threads…

start small with good equipment and grow from there,
u will get further and get there quicker by starting small.!
go ahead and get the big 5x5 tent, big filter, and the big fans (running em on low)
but start with 1-2 plants in a corner under a HLG 135w QB.!!

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Thank you very much for the advice

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