Wonder woman harvest

Long flowering period, almost three months worth!


Still got a ways to go but looking good!

About a week or so, tri’s are starting to get cloudy, thanks for the feedback back.

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You are covered in white pistils. That means she’s actively putting on bud mass. You really want to wait to take advantage of the bulking that later flower produces.

@raustin @Donaldj @MattyBear what say you?

Here’s an example of a nearly ready top. Notice all of the white pistils are brown or nearly so.

This is what you are looking for.


Yeah, I agree with @Myfriendis410. All those white pistils need to turn dark and shrivel up before you even look at the trichs.


I have only one that is still stacking up buds, the other two have passed that stage and are turning orange/brown on top and loaded with crystals. I find it weird how one plant is behind considering they are all the same stain, same age, nutes, pH etc., I’m starting to think it’s not a Wonder woman as it looks different and is taking longer than the others, thoughts?


Pretty common for differences within a phenotype. The only way to be truly consistent is to run clones off of a mother.

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They could go longer