Winter time heat thermostat control help

Im trying to figure out the best safe way to control heat during the winter for my 2.75x 3.5 closet. I figure I have 2 options either a 25$ space heater connected to 30$ thermostat plug, or a 65$ programmable thermostated space heater . If you have other options im super open to suggestions.

how much heat are you needing, what kind of light do you have, may be able to get a light that generates enough heat

Im running a mars hydro 1000 and cheaper full spec parfactwork 1000 as an assist light( both true watt at about 150) they might be able to keep the closet at about 65 but that’s still a lil low

The space heaters like that make me nervous when running unattended. I use the oil radiator ones they seem a bit safer. Just my opinion though.

Something like this:

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What is ur exhaust fan running on? Do u have it on conatantly

Im currently running just some small but powerful desk fans but I think I’ll switch them to cloud line s6’s for wintertime and yes they’re running constantly

for that small a spot u can run a s4

is this 2.75 ft?

I think it’s 9.3 square feet total

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a s4 would be ur best bet for that small a spot. Then with a controller u could set it up for temps and that would help ur closet warm up

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I know all about growing in colder twmps I’m in a basement

The inkbird works well but it’s probably not going to work with that space heater. You’d need an analog space heater, one with manual controls (knobs). Every time the ink bird kicks off it’s basically like hitting the power button on that heater. When the ink bird switches back on, you’d need to physically turn that space heater back on.

But that heater looks like it has a built in thermostat so the ink bird wouldn’t be needed.

**edit: guess I didn’t read the whole thing. I’d go with the thermostated heater. But as noctis stated, they make me nervous unsupervised.

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I use Inkbird controllers for both humidity and temp and they seem to work really well. Haven’t had any problems yet but only been using them for a few weeks.

Definitely worth it imo.

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No I was showing my 2 options the space heater I’d use is a 25$ one with knobs so it’ll turn on with the power


I’d go with a oil heater. I had a small fire cause of a space heater in my work shop. Not grow related but space heater was the cause. Unattended could be a problem like @Noctis420 mentioned