Winter fun to rid oneself of cabin fever besides growing

Just wondering what everyone does to keep cabin fever at bay?
Here in the NEK of Vermont there isn’t a huge amount of exciting things to do that’s affordable. You have the Jay Peak Ski resort. That’s not geared toward normal people. At almost $90 for a lift ticket it makes it hard to enjoy on a regular basis.
So with that being said, I picked up back country skiing. X country skiing with metal edges. A buddy and I go out on as regular basis to ski after dark. It gets dark here at about 445 here right now. If we don’t go at night it just doesn’t happen. Like everyone jobs get in the way otherwise. So last night we put on our headlamps for our first adventure skiing in the woods this season. When the skidoo trails get groomed, December 15th here, we do sections of trails. An average ski is about 5 miles our longest was 9 miles. People around here think we’re crazy. Maybe they’re right. Getting really stoned right before a ski puts me in the right mind set and once finished feel at ease and peaceful.
I also coach a Jr high basketball team my son plays on. Not as fun as skiing but enjoyable to share in my sons memories.


@Shindig153, love going to Maine and snowmobiling at night too. Very dangerous when you think of breaking down or crashing out at night, but boy!, when you stop out there for “the break” the peace and serenity it the star filled nights are something few get to experience. Who knew you could see so many stars.

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