Wind that hits the bud sites

There is a fan between the light and the plant, and the branches are moving because of the wind but it’s nothing major. I want to know if the wind hitting the bud sites will decrease trichome production, or potency, or decrease yield. Or will the plant have less photosynthesis.


This can actually slightly increasing the overall performance of the plant. The slight wind will cause the branches to shake alittle. This will cause the branches to thicken up and help support the inner growth of the branches.
Consistent airflow will also promote healthy growth as it allows fresh air to surround the growing plant.
The airflow/ ventilation will also help keep the grow space cool. Allowing for the light to be slightly closer to the plant.
You never want stale/stagnant air.


Truth there brother. :+1:
2 x 16 in oscillating stand up’s , 2 x 7 in turbo fans on the floor. And 2 sometimes 3 x 6 in clip ons just under the lights.
That’s for a 5 x 10 flower / veg area. depending what’s going on.
10 in exhaust fan and an 8 in passive intake.
Gotta keep it moving. :wink:

@Growforum Go for it. Ur on the right path. :grin:

Did I say this stuff is addictive. :joy: