Wind damage to leaves n stem

Anything you can do to help with wind damage. We had a BAD wind storm n plant got kinda knocked over(partially due to loose soil) n leaves look all messed up too. It can out of nowhere or I just would of brought them inside. I noticed too late n she is already early in flower. Blackberry auto. I propped her back up but leaves still look bad a day later :smiling_face_with_tear:

Some pic can help more and just let her continue she don’t recovery that leaf but she still fighting

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Ok here u are.

Can you get any pictures of stalk and stems that were damaged?

I thinking yeah just defoliate the leaf damage, but @Covertgrower him can help you


Well stem was really damaged except it was almost knocked over, it didn’t snap or anything. Probably bc of loose/fluffy soil. I propped it back up already but it was over to like 30 degrees

Here’s another pic though

They look dry , it’s not only the fan that doing that

It’s an auto flower though. If I defoliate there won’t be any leaves left for bud growth?

Soil is wet. It changed to looking like that only after the wind damage. Maybe the wind dried out the cococoir pot super fast?

Not sure then they do look damage

@Odaharry do you see pistil on her ?

I see on the pic the only flowers you can save if that is already there they still grow

I was have one plant with win burn so my leaf on the plant was Star clawing them all the leaf was claw but she was on veg. Stage so she surviver now she don’t go produced a lot cuz that

How old are they? You can either cut your loses and start over…Or try and salvage whats left? If you cut off the damaged fan leaves(@ this stage I don’t think they are doing any good…they look dead.) and see what buds come up…probably not worth your time and cost in lights and nutes?. Sorry this happened man… But it is how we learn.Good Luck…

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How far into flower are they. Thwy look to be deficient in some way. U say coco coir. U must never let that dry out or it will cause major problems for u and the plant. Coco has to stay wet from the stary and never be dry. Also coco is inert media so u need to feed from the start with nutrients. Hopefully u have been doing this from the jump. I myself would lose the super bad leaves as they wont do anything good jist suck up energy the good leaves could be using. Leave leaves on just take the bad ones id leave it inside for a while til she picks back up again could take a good week to see a difference be a bit pagient and see what happens. Moght have something good might not. Good luck bud

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They are a bit over a week into flower. The pot is made out of cococoir. The soil is Ocean forest

I was gonna cut them off but when I grabbed them they just fell off. I did that for the rest. Now the plant is only buds n few sugar leaves. That’s it. Hope it can still develop at least halfway. It’s a blackberry auto flower and I don’t have anymore seeds.