Willie is hiring

Willie Nelson is hiring folks for his pot business…


Omg I would absolutely love to work with him!
Too bad I don’t live in Colorado.

I think I’m a sure bet! I’ve been in the landscape/nursery business for over 35 years, and a little over a year ago, I wrote Willie a Happy Birthday e-mail, in which I also mentioned that I had just lost a 10 year old job due to random drug testing. I joined his “hope” that someday we can get past all that type of crap. Not only that, I’m from his home state & was following him years before he ever became a national hero. He actually wrote me back!!! What could be a better fit, right?!?!


@sneed wowwwwww that’s !@#$ing awesomeee! I’m really hoping you’ll get it man, don’t forget about us if you do haha!!

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