Will this system need a chiller

A question from a fellow grower:

I am running a 1000 watt hps light in a 2×4×6 tent and I am switching from soil to a 4 gallon 2 pot RDWC system will this small a system need a chiller

That is a very small space for that much heat , but yeah it might be advisable , because I have 800 watts of Led in a 2x2x5 tent and my temps peak up to about 84-85 degrees easy when lights on , so I schedule my lights to run at night over into early mornings . I’m not sure if you are aware that most electric companies surcharges are between the hours of 2 pm - 9 pm when the average household used more electric power . But running a 1000 watts HPS with a ballast , I would recommend over night since it’s much cooler at night , which would give you a small edge on controlling heat . But some guys are struggling with heat issues in 86x86x86 grow tents . That’s a lot of strong lights in a small space , but if you can keep it controlled , you can definitely get a large harvest .

That’s a very tight space for a 1000w my 5x5x8’ see’s temps around 85f with cool tube and humidifier running you definetly will need to look into your options a chiller maybe res outside of enclosure adding sealed ice packs? but chiller is better option honestly a 600w would make things simpler.

My tent is vented pretty good and hood is air cooled. I’m growing in soil right now my temp never gets over 79, but humidity was going up to 80% but handled that with dehumidifier. I’m just wanting to try to avoid some mistakes others have made. I’ve done research of how to diy a chiller does this actually work using the cooling unit of a Humidifier?

water will retain and absorb heat form your grow as well as add to humidity so in turn the dehumidifier generates heat DWC res is best kept around 68-72f since pumps add heat and most buckets are black they warm up fairly fast if you are already controlling your temps that well you may be able to avoid chiller by running a fan at recirc lines though your high humidity is not very favorable. I would cheat and leave res out of tent in cooler space lol Honestly If I were going to DIY chiller would simply coil garden hose in a bucket use it as my recirc line and run cool water through it but I don’t pay water utility so?