Will there be enough time to finish flowering before Virginia's winter sets in

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

This plant has been in the ground since May 15 this picture was taken on July 25. Growing in Virginia and the 1st pistils started coming out 2 weeks ago. She seems to still be growing taller and wider (topped after the 5th set of leaves grew out). I don’t know what strain it is as it was a seed I got out of a bag of smoke last year. Will there be enough time to finish flowering before Virginia’s winter sets in. Occasional frost in October but usually November before the 1st frost

Plenty of time. They can handle a light frost. You could always make some sort of cover for cold nights if its unusually cold.

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Thanks should I trim the small stems or just let ut grow naturally

If it ever stops raining…

You can trim the small lower growth that doesn’t get much sun.

Colder, wet weather will allow mold & mildew. Keep watch and spray early.