Will she make it & Reflections

Hey everyone. So I’m starting my first official auto run and wanna bounce some stuff off yall. My setup is a 2x3 with a viparspectra 300 and a hlg 100 on an 18/6 schedule. I’m using Mother Earth soil to which I added a minuscule amount of Neem seed meal, kelp, alfalfa, bird and bat guanos to. Watering with spring water that has a ppm of 120. These are two strawberry cheesecake freebies from Seedsman.

So a few challenges. I didnt effectively journal this grow cuz I lost my book for a while, had no idea the age of these girls. My second challenge was learning how close to keep the QB. With temp fluctuations and light adjustments this one got away from me. I’m now about 15 inches from it and she’s doing well.

I guess my question/discussion is: 1- they are yellowing pretty fast even with a big bloom worm casting tea, so…are they finishing or am I just on the low side of the nutes/having an issue? 2- I’m at about 80% cloudy and like no amber, will she ripen if all leaves are lost?

I’m hoping to push her another week or two if I can. Her sister is about a week behind and I think looks good just starting to yellow pretty quickly also. Thanks for your insight

Judging by your pistil colors they have more than a couple weeks.
I would double check pH runoff numbers and go from there. More than likely your pH is off and not a allowing your plant to absorb nitrogen anymore. It is also late into flowering, and close to finish. Generally by the end of the lifespan you will see some yellowing.

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Thanks for a quick response. The first pic and girl is a week or so ahead of the second image/girl. I’m looking to push her another week or so hopefully longer if she responds. Slight nute burns on the tips of them both lead me to think that they were satisfied with the amount of nitrogen and in fact were quite dark through transition. pH Runoff last week was 6.3. Planning to slurry this week.

It looked like that one was farther ahead, but the picture was blurry, and I couldn’t be sure.

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Yeah just caught that cuz I was snapping on the fly. Perks of rushing before work. Lemme see.! Top middle and bottom shots


Those look better and almost finished.

Word. You think she’ll make it another 10 days and/or ripen if leaves are lost? My thought was to run her until the yellowing gets through the leaves and closer to the buds.


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I concur exactly with what @Covertgrower has said :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:

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