Will marijuana leaves grow back?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question I need help with. I had one White Widow about 3 weeks old. It was looking good, about 4 inches tall with several true leaves. One day I noticed a bit of yellowing at the tips of the lower leaves. 2 days later, it fell over about half way up. I used scissors to cut the top off, leaving only 2 yellow leaves on the stem in the soil. The pot was 5 inches deep and I can see healthy white roots at the bottom of the pot. It’s been over a week now, and the stem is still standing, with no leaves, and the roots look healthy. Question: If I keep treating it as a live plant, will it ever produce leaves again?

Maybe, it depends on how much of the plant is green and healthy above the soil. If there is enough healthy plant parts to continue photosynthesis, it may grow new leaves and nodes.

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