Will it still grow

So today my fan fell on the plant and part of the broke off. Will it still grow to be healthy budsr should i just start another plant. Also if it will continue to grow can i take off all the yellow fan leaves.

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Yes. Cannabis is very resilient. You can even root the part that broke off and grow it too. Treat it like a
clone cutting.


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Even if its a autoflower

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Yes, it’ll flower on it’s on and be a good candidate for the solo cup challenge and good practice for rooting cuttings :love_you_gesture:


Thanks i was scared

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I’ve snapped more branches than I care to remember. Like @MidwestGuy said… cannabis is a resilient plant :love_you_gesture:

Sort of. Autos aren’t really good candidates for cloning.

O alr lol

I did the same thing i repositioned my tent fan the kind that clips on the pole moved it to front corner when zipped tent up and turned ventilation fan on popped of broke a branch off one of my ww autos she recoverd.

Back left conner

Keep growing it ,it will bounce back

I have split my main stem a couple inches and taped it, dropped something on one and knocked it over… it’s crazy how they repair and do well. Often better because of it.