Will buds seek or move position for better light?

Most limbs are falling but several are leaning more towards cfl’s even though they are right under leds.Also buds leaning towards cfls are closer together and bigger.
I’ve seen leaves change or more to catch light source.
Do buds follow light also?Would the fact they lean towards cfl’s mean they like cfl more than leds?

The plant will lean towards light, the leaves, stems and even buds can move/bend/lean a little. This doesn’t necessarily mean they like the CFLs better than the LEDs. What type of LED are you using again? And how high above/far away from the plant is the LED fixture? It is likely the CFLs are just closer and giving more intense lumens/PAR, they will stretch towards what ever might seem brighter to them. It is also the more intense lumens/PAR that will make for tighter and bigger buds.

Yes. Plants will adapt and seek the light they desire.

I’m using topled,now it’s marshydro, 5w 400 watt led but it only pulls 175-200 watts.
3 26 watt CFL’s in a greenish blue are much brighter than 2700s.
Looking back a T5 or HPS would have been a much better choice.
Leds may work great for veg and early budding but for nice dense buds worth the time and effort hps is probably the way to go.

check out the Ipower. Digital Ballast. All lamps you already have invested in, will be of use to you; One way or the other. Go get your HID :slight_smile: