Wick hydro looking for advice

First time grower here, growing a single mint cake plant. I am growing it in a wick hydroponic setup using jiffy seed starting mix as the medium and so far I’ve only used black magic nutrients part a and b with black magic pH up as food for the plant. I have a vivosun 4" intake fan and a vivosun 6" outake, and a giixer “1000w” (120w) led light with plans to upgrade. it has been growing for about a month and a half now, and I started training it about 2 weeks ago. should I be trimming it? it seems very bushy. also, any recommendations on lights? the tent as a whole is 5’x6.5’x5’ but I’ve got it separated in to a 5’x2.5’x5’ room for right now

She looks pretty good. I recommend HLG lighting. You’ll have better results, and better pictures.