Wich one is the better choice

Hi everybody, finally I got the money to upgrade my room lights to Kingbrite ones, sadly because my room design is custom due to the lack of space, I have 3 possible solutions and want your input, the difference between the options is like $50 due to the insane shipping cost.

@dbrn32 mentioning you here, I want your expertise.

One more thing is Kingbrite have the regular version, also the ones with RED LEDs and the ones RED and UV. Which one of the 3 is the best?

Well that’s all thanks in advance for your help.

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This is what I would do

And I would opt for at least the 660nm, preferably cree over epistar.


Hey bro thanks for the answer. 2 more question (I know I am annoying trying to get the best outcome possible).

1st: No point in going to those panels with UV, RED and IR?

2nd: I found that they sell double panels and seems to me they will have better light distribution for my working area. So between this 2 wich one you will choose?

They’re identical lol.

I was thinking about light distribution, my OCD usually kicks in when things are not balanced :smiley:

For me (that I don’t know much about this) Seems like the double panel will have better distribution, because technically I can split each one of those into 2 and move them a couple inches here and there and try to balance it properly .

The pictures are in scale, so that’s the size of the lights compared to the room etc.

How about this?

Interest approach Light Master @dbrn32 what you think :smiley:

I would at least get base leds with 660nm.

They’re not all two board fixtures to get 250ish watt light?

@dbrn32 they are just the same 2 panels as the long ones just different hardware to join them from the long edge instead of the short one.

I don’t know if the links are permitted here, but in alibaba if you look for kingbrite store website on the left side you will see the list of all the products, and those are 2021 Board 240W double the ones with the RED, UV, IR Samsung/Cree/LG Led.