Why, what went wrong?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have been growing them for some months and they were doing good. I have been using a CFL light bulb, organic soil, watering every two days. They have died this weekend (R.I.P.) I am not trying to be funny but I had “high” hopes for them two!

  • Blue Berry Yum
  • organic soil ( I think it was miracle grow)
  • I used bottled water, cub foods brand
  • I seen no use for nutrients because the leafs didn’t show no indication of low nutrients.
  • indoor, My closet
  • Used 60watt CFL light - I kept the light like a foot away from the plants.
  • Temp stayed around 80 degrees
  • I put a bowl of water in the middle for humidity
  • Vent. No
  • Fan A regular fan, so the leafs would not get burnt.
  • No co2

How big were they when they died .Did they show any signs of stress what kind of pots are you using I ask for idea of drainage also that’s not much lighting. miracle grow is pretty hot soil with time release nutes in soil. Its too bad a few pics would have helped a lot. Don’t give up go back look at what you did try and figure out were the train went off the tracks It will come in time and as you know its worth the effort .


A 60 watt CFL is not going to bring plants from root to harvest. You say, “some months” old. How did they look before the sickness? Keep notes on your grow so you can learn what not to do next time. Have you read the grow bible? It is a free e-book you can get from he guides section here.
The bottom line is that MJ plants require the right lighting, PH-ing, and correcting if a def. shows up, etc. to grow up healthy.

Do you know the PH of that water? If your plant leafs showed no sign of a problem, how did it look before dieing?

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I am confused you say you used no nutrients since it didn’t look like it needed it and then you say they died. I am not trying to come off as a jerk but I am a bit confused my friend. Were there no signs before their demise?


Yeah, a description of how they died might help.