Why pot was made illegal may not be why you think

What I believe really happened is that it was seen as competition for the alcohol consortiums. Look at that!

  • The booze people had lots of money, and could lobby at the congress people

  • The “KENNEDY FAMILY” originally built its fortune by “BOOTLEGGING”

  • The “Official” story is that the agency in charge of enforcing prohibition did not want to go out of business

  • If you look at the effects of alcohol compared to marijuana, pot is relatively harmless compared to the physical effects of alcohol

  • You can grow your own as compared to complex brewing equipment

  • Alcohol in many forms is a long known European substance

  • The MAFIA was hugely into illicit alcohol import and providing

  • The prospect of lack of interest in alcohol had to be disturbing to major alcohol beverage providers

  • A primary way to see how and why laws are enacted is to: “FOLLOW THE MONEY”

~I could go on at length, but the fact is that Marijuana does not kill people by poisoning them, but if you drink an entire bottle of high proof liquor it can kill you outright…

Alcohol is a major problem, and yet it is still lawfull, but pot isn’t…

Do you see what I do?

It is not a matter of what is good for you but economics twisted by government officials who were bought and sold by alcohol producers

Marijuana has many documented medical and psychologic benefits, but booze is exactly the opposite.

So why was it made legal in the middle thirties instead?

I believe it had nothing to do with the official story, but that government officials had been payed to vote against it or instigate legislature to make sure it did not compete with alcohol consortiums.

Study that and think about it.

In the end you might well decide that the Government itself was bought and sold by assholes who do not give a damn about us!


Good theory; but Prohibition came about because society aligned itself with people like Carrie Nation and the Temperance League. Along with huge social pressures of the times this made Prohibition possible. It was a misguided attempt to do good that was undermined by the Mob and corrupt government officials. It really created the Mafia.

I’ve heard and read that weed was popular with ethnic populations in the Southwest and South at that time and this was an easy way to oppress them. The stigma is only now going away.

Certainly a lot of well to do families like the Kennedys got their start with Union organizing and alcohol smuggling. It just points to the rank hypocrisy and injustice that is everyday life.


Very very true!!!


I don’t listen to politicians anyways, almost always in my experience it’s say one thing do another


Gotta agree with all of ya, @FrikkinFrank @Myfriendis410 its a fact that its politicions in the long run that are behind the illegality of mj now and in the past as well as the stigma placed on those who used/use it. Even up to the last couple of years the stigma placed on those who use mj by the big gov has intensified. I cant understand how they can be so hypocrytical. I mean look at the damage alcohol can do to a person, yet its legal. And MJ. They try to say its a gateway drug to using other harder drugs, but look what they did with pain pills. They created the problem.

If I started using alcohol to ward off my pain and other symptoms, I would be in my grave in a short time. Yet now they say I cant use pain pills cause they are addictive and can kill me. Huuuuhhhhh? Yet MJ is bad? How…simply because if you grow your own they have no control over you. And that is the main thing. CONTROL.


~ I also know for a fact that a lot (and I mean a LOT) of the same Gov people who voted down MJ in the past - at least as far back as the mid seventies when I lived near Silver Springs Maryland and could go downtown and see & hear about the goings on in Georgetown at night - they smoked pot TOO!

So you are absodamnedlutely right, they were two faced! Saying one thing and doing another…

Shit, I’ve known POLICE Officers who got high, and if you think that’s strange - you ain’t seen strange. There’s nothing suprizing about that at all


@FrikkinFrank I agree. bunch of hippocrittes. A guy I went to high school with was one of the biggest potheads back then. He be a State judge now. Likely still smokes. And has ruled against mj when he has had opportunity. Havent been in touch for many years. But knew him well.

Used to be buddies with a bunch of cops where I lived. One day a good friend cop walked into my apartment while I had a couple of baggies on my coffee table open and I was cleaning them. Thought I had had it. He grabbed a joint and toked up. After that we used to smoke together couple nights a week. A good friend. But he could have busted me good. wow.


Reading your message really hit home as my pain pills have been taken off the market this past month and my family Dr. And I have been trying to find another opioid to replace the one I was taking. We haven’t had any luck so he is sending to pain clinic. They will test my urine so I guess I am going to have to stop smoking pot for awhile to. It’s not looking good that’s for sure. Thanks for the read, Mike


Sorry to hear that @mcicchino, hopefully you’ll be squared away and be able to get back on your “good” meds. :dash::candle::deciduous_tree::sleepy:

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@mcicchino You will be good. Shouldnt have to go without too long. Reading info on the urine testing, its not accurate at finding traces after about 2 to 3 weeks after consuming mj. That is the scientific information. Depending on exactly what test they use. Only a couple of them are any good though. And they rarely find anything after the time above. But they say 30 days for the tests. bullhocky. But if they make improvements in the tests…who knows. But you can drink a alot of water for a weeks before the test and help flush your system. A day or two before wont help much. Anyway, good luck. I know what you are going through…believe me.

take care and good luck.

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@cyberblast, thank you for your kind words. Mike

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