Why is one plant bushy and one is stretching

Why is one plant bushy and other plant is stretching…both are under same light

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It’s just genetic expression. It’s just like people - some are short and fat while others are tall and skinny.

Pics are always helpful to make sure that there’s not something else going on.


Here are the same 2 strains grown together under the same light…AK-47 on the left, and Sour Diesel on the right…Picture # 1 is how they looked LAST GROW…Picture # 2 is CURRENT GROW of same 2 plants again side by side…This year’s AK has gone stretch and spindley while the SD looks just like last grow…both of these are in LST and bent over to conserve space…I can’t figure out why the AK is different this time…thanks for any response

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Simply genetics most likely.
Just like all brothers and sisters in humans dont always look alike, cannabis is this way also.
If they aren’t IBL (inbreed line) genetics then they will have lots of variations of genetic possibilities.

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