Why is 1 out of 4 not dense

I think I got a dud. 4 white widows all grown together. The buds on 3 of them are pretty dense, but one the buds are big, but not dense at all. I circled the dud.These autos seem pretty inconsistent.


Genetics are a strange thing. Although all the seeds may of been from the same batch they can all slightly hold different traits. I have attached an article about pheno and genos. The article hits alot on environment but also has some good information about strains overall. The big picture is this… compare it it siblings. You have two sisters and all have the same mother and father. You all retain traits from your parents differently. You might have blond hair like your mother while the other two sisters have brown lie your dad. But maybe all three have blue eys. Just an example :slight_smile:
Happy growing…