Why do feeding schedules show nutes in seedling and week 1/2?

I’m running RDWC and germinating in peat moss cubes.
I’m using the hydroponics-research nutrients and in their and other feeding schedules it’ll show nutes being added in seedling phase, week 1 and 2 even higher doses…yet here and on other forums folks will advise don’t feed any nutrients for 3 to 4 weeks.

Why is there such a large delta?
Are they assuming that week 1 in their chart is actually week 1 after seedling phase of 3/4 weeks?

Is everyone following these charts killing their plants, not following till veg week 1… or are they reducing by some fractional part, which seems to be a thing folks do.

It sells nuets! That’s what I always thought. But I think some mediums do get fed from the start. I’ve always started with a soil at transplant that had nuets for 4/6 weeks of grouth. So I started feeding around flowering time.

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Some of us actually start feeding our plants right away, depending on the medium. In coco, best to start feeding right away as the coco is devoid of nutes. Even when I grew in soil (Happy Frog) I started feeding in week 1 - right after they sprouted, at low doses.


I’m still trying to grow good stuff on purpose instead of by accident… LOL dont have your confidence yet. But I’m getting there slowly but surely.