Why Aren't They Growing?

Well that’s cool they are replacing. Fir what we pay for a seed, better believe that ima want my seeds replaced. Lol!

They are still here. That’s about it. And idc if you do write on my thread, but I worry that your followers won’t see the updates.

:joy: I feel you!!
Have they had some good growth going? Every week seems to look so different once they get moving.

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Most vendors will not replace seeds…pretty dang cool ILGM will do that at all IMHO.

Keep in mind that we’re dealing with natural products here…not all seeds pop…that’s just life. It does suck for sure…and ILGM beans are on the less expensive side!

I expect an 80% germination from the packs i buy…any lower than that and i usually reach out to support…that said, very few vendors have stepped up like ILGM has in my experience.

Happy growing!


I hate that this thread is so long, but still I wanted to show those interested the current, I guess you’d call it progress, of those Tangie Autos. They are still growing anyway. They gotta be about out of their time though.