Why are my plants still small?

Question from a fellow grower:

I am growing WWF in the grow box . I am on week 8 and the plants are
about 5" tall they are starting to flower . Will they get any larger
since they are very small ? I thought they would be about 19-24" tall .
What am I doing wrong ?
I feed 1/4 tsp per gal with water change every 5 days . Feed with moon dust ( 19-8-13 )

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I don’t know, but what was able to glean from your picture was some minor damage on some Leaf tips, so you’ve got some type of a an issue going with your water too high, not enough air circulation and/or more likely some type of a nutrient issue.

More light equals more growth (that oughta be just carved in stone), besides that they look pretty good!

They have support tickets in this format that are really helpful, if you could fill one out I believe a more definite answer could be reached
-good luck

Are the two central holes open, exposing the water to light…it kinda looks that way but I’m not sure.
If they are open, cover them…no light should get inside the reservoir.
Looking at your air tube/nutrient line…is that brown stuff growing on them?
Again, I am not sure, guessing…but if it is, you have a little problem brewing there.

I grew 2 AK-47 Auto’s in that same box and after 5 weeks I couldn’t close the door.

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