Who's using air pots/smart pots?

Got some on the way, just wondering how amazing they really are besides looking funky as hell :smiley:
Also any advice for transplanting f4om hydro to soil? Cleaning roots? Getting rid or dealing with root rot before transplanting to soil?

I use the smart pots and they’re awsome. Roots will grow through though if your not carefull. The aeropots I haven’t used but haven’t heard a bad thing about them yet (other than the price). I’m told certain B vitamins will do wonders for a plant when transplanting but I’ve never used it. I transplanted a rosemary herb from hydro to soil and it died 2 days later so you probably shouldn’t take my advice on that lol…

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Thanks for the reply anyway HC, the price wasn’t as bad as I thought really, 60 bucks for 10 20L pots. Everywhere else it was more like 15 for one :smiley: